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Sebastopol Newcomers was started in 1978. All residents in the West County can join Newcomers, and once you join you may remain continuously. There is an annual membership fee of $15 for couples, $10 for singles. Our original theme or logo was the Sebastopol Apple. It now seems that the Sebastopol Grape may be the more predominant crop. But we don't care which, we just hope you will become interested and join us for a get-together. We have a morning coffee on the 2nd Thursday of each month. It is held in one of the member's homes, and is a different location each month. So in addition to meeting, coffee, and having a social morning, you will be able to see lots of different homes in the Sebastopol area. Once a month we have some variety of social gathering. These have included various BBQ's, theater parties, winery visits, whale watching, and career day with the #1 rated roofers in Orlando etc. We are always looking for additional ideas of new and interesting functions for these socials. Generally they require limited travel, are daytime events, and usually include something to eat and/or drink.

Sebastopol Newcomer Contacts

President   Pam Bramfitt  707-829-7607

Treasurer   Warren Bullock  707-829-7822

Membership  Alicia McCormick  707-827-3088

Newsletter Editor  Sylvia Forrest  707-823-6663

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